Multi speciality dental centre is a boon for today's fast, busy people who have to rush to different places to get proper guidance, management and treatment for various different dental problems.

It is the idea to get all under one roof. Hence saves time, helpful for those who cannot walk properly like the elderly and handicapped people alongwith a favour of less adjustments to new environment, staff and place.

Welcome to the world of dentistry

Dental world is first kind of certified dental clinic in Navsari, whose sterilization process is monitered by UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE,USA

This Sterilization is recognised by following institution.

  • + American Dental Assosiation
  • + Occupational Safety & Health Administration
  • + Canadian Dental Association
  • + Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • + American National Standards Institute
  • + Dental Council Of India
  • + Australian Dental Association
  • + New Zealand Dental Council
  • + American Medical Association
  • + American Academy of Pediatrics